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Theracords is a label releasing hardstyle and harddance music, produced from the heart. Passion is the most important ingredient of everything we do!

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New Release: Prefix & Density ft. The Vision - Never Come Close

New Release: Prefix & Density ft. The Vision - Never Come Close

They come around, but they never come close to! The soundwaves rocking Prefix & Density teamed up with the diverse The Vision to create a huge floorfiller. Flow dropping hip hop samples with a massive kick and drive: this track already wrecked countless dancefloors during the summer of 2014. Play the track yourself and experience its power firsthand. 

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Theracords is looking for ambassadors!

Theracords is looking for ambassadors!

Theracords is looking for ambassadors!


Our label is growing more and more. All of this has been made possible by you, our fans, who share our love for music produced from the heart. But right now, we need you more than ever: we are looking for the most dedicated and passionate Theracords fans that we have and want to offer them the possibility to become a Theracords ambassador!


What does being a Theracords ambassador mean?

As an ambassador, you will be the face of our company, both online and in the crowd on events. You will represent our label to the people and share your love for our company with them. If you are a true Theracords fan, this should come naturally for you!

As a reward for doing this, you will receive great gifts, like getting some merchandise that you can use to physically represent Theracords. You will also gain access to some special privileges behind the scenes, but we’ll keep those a secret for now ;)

What are we looking for specifically?

In order to become an ambassador, you need to:

-          Absolutely love Theracords; it should run in your blood

-          Visit 15 – 20 hardstyle related events in the Netherlands a year

-          Be active on social media and other online platforms

-          Be enthusiastic, social and spontaneous  


How do you become an ambassador?

If you feel like this message is calling out to you, send an email to in which you explain who you are and why you want to become an ambassador of Theracords. Don’t forget to prove to us that you have all four qualifications that are mentioned above!


Good luck to all of you, and write to us from your heart <3

New Release: Degos & Re-Done - Expanding Chaos

New Release: Degos & Re-Done - Expanding Chaos

The god of Chaos is here, "Expanding" his reach like never before. This two tracker EP perfectly symbolises the darker side of the, by now, veteran producers that are Degos & Re-Done. The darkest screeches and most distorted kickdrums ever will make the tracks on this release stick in your head for months to come. 
And the god of Chaos spoke, "And There Was Chaos".

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Prefix & Density ft. The Vision - Never Come Close Prefix & Density ft. The Vision
Never Come Close
20 August 2014
Degos & Re-Done - Expanding Chaos Degos & Re-Done
Expanding Chaos
06 August 2014

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Drive The Compressor
23 July 2014
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09 July 2014
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