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Degos & Re-Done - Crisis

Degos & Re-Done - Crisis

Catalog number THER-083
Release date 03 October 2012
  1. Crisis
  2. Synthgeweld 2012
  3. Evocation

For those who like it rough and their music too, stop looking! This is the perfect release! Three insanely epic tracks from Degos & Re-Done, each and everyone of them unique in its own way! First track Crisis creates wonderful chaos with a mysterious atmosphere while building to a brutal climax. And did we mention the powerful rough kicks? Second track Synthgeweld 2012 can be described as 100% pure Degos & Re-Done. The incredibly funny Dutch vocals recorded by themselves give the track an instant evil grin. When the kick drops in with a huge amount of brutality it comes back even more violent after the well deserved break!  Last track in this extreme package is Evocation. With twisted vocals, FX sounds, crazy editing and some huge kicks, this track is one for the pure enthusiasts!


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