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Dj Thera - Do You Know Who I Am

Dj Thera - Do You Know Who I Am

Catalog number THERFREE-17
Release date 18 October 2012
  1. Do You Know Who I Am

Dj Thera's Facebook page has reached over 6000 likes and because of that he is giving away a brand new track! Do You Know Who I Am is build around insane massive gated kicks and idiot vocals, just like you are used from Dj Thera! Getting Dj Thera more likes on his Facebook will also pay off big time by the way! With every 1000 likes (till 10.000 likes) he will produce a brand new track, which means more free Dj Thera tracks at 7000, 8000, 9000 and 10.000 likes!

Dj Thera's idea behind it: "It has become a tradition to give away tracks at a certain amount of likes, but mostly the tracks that are given away are edits, refixes or tracks that otherwise wouldn't be released. My idea was to give out tracks that otherwise WOULD have been released, so you don't have the feeling you are listening to a rejected track in any ways! I do know it still is a promotional thing, but hey... it definitely beats buying for likes right?"

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