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Dj Thera - It's A Fine Day

Dj Thera - It's A Fine Day

Catalog number THER-071
Release date 22 February 2012
  1. Dj Thera ft. Yuna-X - It's A Fine Day
  2. Therafied
  3. Disturbia (The R3belz Remix)

Dj Thera is back with a stunning new release! With It's A Fine Day, the Theracords labelboss shows how euphoric and raw can be combined into perfection. The beautiful vocals are done by vocalist Yuna-X from Holland, who is also bound to have a great career in the music business. The second track on this release has a very well chosen title: "Therafied"! With terrifying kicks, dark melody and rough industrial sounds, this incredibly original track shows the amazing quality again of mastermind Thera. Final track on the release is The R3belz remix of Thera's track "Disturbia". who outdid himself with a stunning reverse bass intro and two huge drops in the climax, which shows why The R3belz has been one of Thera's favorite producers from last year.


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