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Jason Payne - Violence (Wildness & Criminal Mayhem Remix)Project Exile - BurnRetaliation - Underworld (Ground Zero Hardstyle Anthem 2017)
Jason Payne - Doomsday

Jason Payne - Doomsday

Catalog number THER-192
Release date 30 November 2016
  1. Doomsday

Jason Payne and his troops are on their way to start World War III. The apocalypse is near. After 30.11.2016 the world will never be the same again. The hard hitting kicks represent the impact that will erase humanity. While the screaming citizens represent the dirty screeches of Doomsday. Do you have enough resistance to survive the impact? The air raid siren is now activated! So prepare yourself …..IT’S DOOMSDAY! Enjoy Jason Payne his latest bomb!


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Violence (Wildness & Criminal Mayhem Remix)
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