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Prefix & Density - The Brain

Prefix & Density - The Brain

Catalog number THER-152
Release date 24 June 2015
  1. Contrast
  2. Your Soul

Translating their Brain meets Brutal concept into music, Prefix & Density have upped their productions like never before. A trilogy of releases will show exactly what drives the two of them to work together the way they do. The first of these three releases is called The Brain, and showcases the overwhelming atmospheres created by Prefix. Wether it's melodic, like "Contrast", or ominous, like "Your Soul", Prefix & Density know how to do it best. Surrender your body, your senses and your soul.


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31 May 2017

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Retaliation  - God Retaliation
24 May 2017
Caine - Extinction Caine
10 May 2017
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