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Rephex - Time Machine E.P.

Rephex - Time Machine E.P.

Catalog number THER-028
Release date 25 November 2009
  1. The Original Mushroom (2002)
  2. Hellfire (2002)
  3. Cosa Nostra (2003)
  4. Razobran (2004)
  5. We Are At War (2004)
  6. Rephex meets Carnifex - Voice Of Noize (2009)

For the few who still don't know him, Rephex (C. Pedersen) is a Danish hardstyle producer with a long past within the field. With this Exclusive release on Theracords you can enjoy and listen to an entire time line of the tracks, he never got released. That is, until now!

One of the few that kept Hardstyle within the boundaries of what it is, landed right here on Theracords, and he's ready to blow your mind far beyond your imagination.

Time Machine E.P is a 5-tracker nostalgic ride, featuring a new bonus track from his co-op project called "Carnifex". The tides for Rephex is over, but he will still remain a glowing spark in the birth and making of Hardstyle. This is his dedication, his legacy.


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