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Theracords Allstars - Cooperation E.P.

Theracords Allstars - Cooperation E.P.

Catalog number THER-014
Release date 14 April 2009
  1. Geck-o & Sinith - Future Robot X
  2. Dj Thera & Wavolizer - Sexobear
  3. Sinith & Dimavi - Reality Within
  4. Two Hawks - Yiharw!
  5. Stana meets Phrantic - Invasion
  6. Hellraiser & Satyriasis - Stomach Substance

The first release on Theracords was out on 14 october 2008. Six months later we can celebrate Theracords 0,5 year existance and we are going to do that with this insane release! Geck-o, Sinith, Dimavi, Matt Restless, Stana, Hellraiser, Satyriasis and Dj Thera have all been releasing on Theracords the last few months and are involved in this major release. We also welcome newcomers Wavolizer (Denmark) and Phrantic (Switzerland) to the label as they too worked on tracks for this massive release. Check this one out, there is something for EVERYONE!


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19 July 2017
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12 July 2017
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